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Zuora Subscribed 2017: June 5-7 (San Francisco, CA)

Zuora Subscribed 2017

Subscribed San Francisco 2017
June 5 – 7 2017
Marriott Marquis
San Francisco, CA Register

This must-attend destination event was founded to help companies thrive amidst the most disruptive business-model shift in a century. What’s new this year? Our Zuora User Summit with advanced training by role, customer awards, and one-on-one product support. We’re also excited to introduce our exclusive Enterprise Transformation track for businesses looking for actionable advice on how to win the digital disruption fight and the Connor Group’s interactive ASC 606 workshop worth 3 CPE credits. Plus…inspirational keynotes, insighful breakout sessions (Finance, Product, Technology tracks), our invite-only CFO Summit and CIO Exchange, ample networking opportunities, and more!

Guests Included:

Raj Badarinath
Head of Corporate Communications, Nutanix

Nutanix teams up with Google, Zuora for cloud, subscription innovations
Fresh off its initial public offering last fall, Nutanix Inc. is continuing to look for ways drive innovation and add value to customers as it competes with larger, more established players. To do so, the company is turning to key partners to enhance its ability to innovate, as exemplified in its latest announced partnership with Google Inc., where the search giant will enable Nutanix-based applications to move from on-premises data centers to the Google Cloud Platform. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Gytis Barzdukas
Head of Predix Product Management, GE Digital

747 as a service: how GE customers benefit from subscription services
Digital software like data analytics services are transforming the way industrial assets are built, maintained and operated, according to Gytis Barzdukas (pictured), vice president and head of product management, Predix, at GE Digital LLC. A growing number of GE customers are requesting subscription services, Barzdukas said during Zuora Subscribed 2017 in San Francisco, California. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Tom Bucklar
Director of IoT & Channel Solutions, Caterpillar

Caterpillar’s story of connecting half a million machines
Is Caterpillar Inc. becoming a platform or software services company? While some of its executives maintain that the mission is still to sell big iron, the company’s visible presence at the Zuora Subscribed event in June highlights a continued push to provide construction and mining customers with new digital tools. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Ken Cornick
Co-Founder, President and CFO, CLEAR

Besides airports, find out where else Clear subscribers will be cutting the line
Everyone knows the importance of security in crowded public spaces, but that doesn’t stop them from bemoaning every minute they stand in line at the airport. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Simon Geach
VP of Sales, Billing & Commerce Platforms, Avalara

Accurate taxation essential in today’s multi-transaction subscription economy
The growth of the subscription economy brings an increased number of recurring transactions that are often not updated from the original agreement. This can create challenges for companies ensuring their product taxes are being accounted for and implemented properly, according to Simon Geach, vice president of sales at Avalara Inc. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

David Gee
CMO, Zuora

Subscription-based services evolve beyond initial transactions
The growth of subscription-based services is dramatically changing the way companies build and maintain relationships with their customers. Even companies with seemingly no relation to cutting-edge technology are reaping the benefits of the new subscription economy. At this year’s Zuora Subscribed event in San Francisco, California, much of the buzz centered around customer stories of new applications for subscription services. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Sebastian Gnagnarella
SVP of Technology & IT, Inspirato

Inspirato grows subscription-based luxury vacation service
Subscription-based business models are gaining traction as more companies shift to ‘as a service’ providers. For Inspirato LLC, a young luxury vacation and hospitality company, its subscription-based service not only establishes their payment structure, it defines their business value proposition. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Barry Holmes
CRO, Surf Air

Subscription model allows Surf Air to expand in Europe and Texas
Surf Airlines Inc., known as Surf Air, is gaining liftoff for a business model attempting success in one of the most capital-intensive, cutthroat enterprises there is: airlines. The California-based company, founded in 2013, uses the recurring revenue from monthly memberships to compete with commercial carriers through a completely different approach. And as the fledgling airline has added new markets in Europe and Texas over the past month, their use of a subscription model to address the business traveler might pay off. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Dr. Sumon Pal
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Thync

Are subscriptions helpful attendants to wearable HealthTech?
Thync Global Inc. U.S.A. sells a wearable stress-reducing device for $149. But to actually use it, customers must pay a subscription fee every month. Is it overkill or a helpful nudge to get people to take their vitamins? Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Ray Wang
Founder, Constellation Research

Major tech transition fuels subscription economy, says analyst
Digital transformation became a hot topic nearly three years ago as the focus on it moved from the halls of Silicon Valley companies to the boardrooms of firms such as General Electric Co., Caterpillar Inc. and Ford Motor Co. Non-tech companies began to consider how to get products to be more like services, how to turn services into insights, and how to make insights more like experiences and outcomes. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Tien Tzuo
Founder and chief executive officer of Zuora Inc.

Software (and bikes and guitars) as a service: Subscription economy proof points
Judging by the profits of Uber Technologies Inc., Netflix Inc. and other businesses that replace asset ownership with on-demand services, consumers are buying (or leasing) into the subscription economy. The trade-off for foregone ownership is freedom, according to Tien Tzuo, founder and chief executive officer of Zuora Inc. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

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