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Zuora Subscribed 2017: June 5-7 (San Francisco, CA)

Zuora Subscribed 2017

Subscribed San Francisco 2017
June 5 – 7 2017
Marriott Marquis
San Francisco, CA Register

This must-attend destination event was founded to help companies thrive amidst the most disruptive business-model shift in a century. What’s new this year? Our Zuora User Summit with advanced training by role, customer awards, and one-on-one product support. We’re also excited to introduce our exclusive Enterprise Transformation track for businesses looking for actionable advice on how to win the digital disruption fight and the Connor Group’s interactive ASC 606 workshop worth 3 CPE credits. Plus…inspirational keynotes, insighful breakout sessions (Finance, Product, Technology tracks), our invite-only CFO Summit and CIO Exchange, ample networking opportunities, and more!

Guests Included:

Raj Badarinath
Head of Corporate Communications, Nutanix

GE’s subscription service offering for customers
Raj Badarinath, head of corporate communications at Nutanix, shared insight into the huge shift he is noticing in the market and how Nutanix is trying to deliver more consumption options to customers, including subscription offerings. Watch his interview!

Gytis Barzdukas
Head of Predix Product Management, GE Digital

GE’s subscription service offering for customers
Gytis Barzdukas, head of Predix product management at GE Digital, talked about GE’s focus on the subscription economy and what customers want. Watch his interview!

Tom Bucklar
Director of IoT & Channel Solutions, Caterpillar

Caterpillar’s subscription model based on digital services
Tom Bucklar, director of IoT and channel solutions at Caterpillar, shared insight into the data-driven subscription model that Caterpillar has followed for offering services. Watch his interview!

Ken Cornick
Co-Founder, President and CFO, CLEAR

CLEAR as a biometric identity platform
Ken Cornick, co-founder, president and CFO at CLEAR, talked about where the idea of bringing back CLEAR came from and the many applications that CLEAR is now used in. Watch his interview!

Simon Geach
VP of Sales, Billing & Commerce Platforms, Avalara

How to pay taxes on a subscription service
Simon Geach, vice president of sales, billing and commerce platforms at Avalara, shared insight into how they help companies ensure what’s on an invoice is accurate with the taxes they need to pay. Watch his interview!

David Gee
CMO, Zuora

Data collection through the subscription model
David Gee, CMO of Zuora, talked about the many mainstream companies who have now started offering subscription services. Watch his interview!

Sebastian Gnagnarella
SVP of Technology & IT, Inspirato

Offering a subscription club for a new way to travel and experience events
Sebastian Gnagnarella, senior vice president of technology and IT at Inspirato, offered insight into the club service they offer to travelers, including the hundreds of member-only destinations and the travel partner network they have setup. Watch his interview!

Barry Holmes
CRO, Surf Air

Get time back by cutting down travel time
Barry Holmes, CRO at Surf Air, talked about the private experience that business travelers can now take advantage of to decrease the time and pain points that travelers deal with on a daily basis. Watch his interview!

Dr. Sumon Pal
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Thync

Tracking nerve simulation for better health
Dr. Sumon Pal, co-founder and chief scientific officer at Thync, provided insight into the subscription service they offer for wellness and better health through the device they have developed. Watch his interview!

Ray Wang
Founder, Constellation Research

Jumping into the subscription economy
Ray Wang, founder at Constellation Research, talked about the shift in business driving the subscription economy and how it’s adopted by companies across many industries. Watch his interview!

Tien Tzuo
Founder and chief executive officer of Zuora Inc.

Businesses operating on the subscription model need as much flexibility as customers demand from their services, Tzuo stated during the recent Zuora Subscribed event in San Francisco, California.. Watch his interview!

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