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Year in Review: 2014 – Top 20 Twitter Alums to Follow

#theCUBETop20 – Top 20 Twitter Followings for theCUBE Alumni.

How do we extract the signal from the noise? We have the best guests. It is our goal at theCUBE to bring you thought leadership on important topics within the tech industry in so that you can increase both your understanding and knowledge. Here are the top 20 influencers who have visited theCUBE since our signal extracting began back in 2009. Enjoy!

#1 Tim O’Reilly, Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media

  • Twitter – @timoreilly
  • Twitter Followers  – 1.77 M

Tim’s been on twice in recent years. O’Reilly Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2013 & O’Reilly Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2012. Many folks are interested in hearing what Tim has to say. I don’t think Tim writes books any more, but we’ve had a number of authors on theCUBE including Geoffrey MooreCrossing the Chasm” & more, Bill SchmarzoBig Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business“, James TaylorPMML in Action: Unleashing the Power of Open Standards for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics” and more, Martha HellerThe CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership“, Vinnie MirchandaniThe New Technology Elite: How Great Companies Optimize Both Technology Consumption and Production” and more, Gene Kim “The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win” and more & Gary OrensteinIP Storage Networking: Straight to the Core“.
Hope we can interview Clayton Christensen, author of my all time favorite business book “The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail (Management of Innovation and Change)” and more.

#2 David Pogue, Founder & Tech Columnist, Yahoo! Tech

  • Twitter – @Pogue
  • Twitter Followers – 1.51 M

David joined John and Dave @ IBM Pulse 2014 David’s got a quick wit and unique perspective. Fun interview. One of the real treats of hosting theCUBE is getting to interview many of the Keynotes. Other notables (surprisingly, without huge twitter followings) include Geoffrey Moore & Richard Schlesinger

#3 Padmasree Warrior, CTSO, Cisco

  • Twitter – @Padmasree
  • Twitter Followers – 1.46 M

Padmasree is truly a #TechAthlete, as evidenced by her very large twitter following. Padmasree joined John and Stu @ Red Hat Summit 2014 Padmasree talks about the three big technology changes of Cloud, mobile and Internet of things. She’s got the most twitter followers in our “Women in Tech” on theCUBE Feature.

#4 Nate Silver, Founder & Editor in Chief, FiveThirtyEight

Nate sat down with Dave and Jeff @ Tableau Customer Conference 2013 to explore the biases people often bring to analyzing data live. Nate also represents the intersection of Tech and Sports, and as you know, we love sports and highlighting how tech is changing sports, in the way teams not only manage their teams, but also their businesses, and fan experiences. This was topic #1 at SportsDataSV 2014, where we sat down with Bill Schlough, San Francisco Giants, Dave Kaval, San Jose Earthquakes, John Tortora, San Jose Sharks, and Doug Garland, San Francisco 49ers. Michael North from the National Football League came on to explain the nuances that factor into setting the 256 game schedule, and Cindy Cortel from MLB Networks talked to John about the impact of Big Data on their network and the league, including the tracking of how much time individual in-stadium sponsor banners are on air. We’ve hosted shows from behind second base at AT&T Park, and in the suites at Gillette Stadium and AT&T Park. Molly Fletcher represents the world of Sports Agents, Sky Christopherson the Cyclists, and we can’t forget Matt Cadieux and Formula 1 racing. Adam Silver, current NBA Commissioner stopped by as well, if he only knew what was coming in his first year in the top job.

#5 Michael Dell, Founder & CEO, Dell

Michael Dell is one of the great Founding CEOs who’s personality really helps define their company. As a private company, we assume Dell (the company) will become even more Michael-centric as they go forward. Michael last joined John and Dave @ Dell World 2012 and we’re way over due for a second sit down with Michael. Some other founding CEOs who’ve been on theCUBE include Abhi Mehta, Stefan Groschupf, David Richards, George Slessman, & Dave Wright.

#6 Satya Nadalla, CEO, Microsoft

Of all the Public Company CEOs we’ve had on the Satya has the highest number of followers. Is this because he was active on twitter before becoming CEO, or does it reflect a change in CEO communications. When Jeff sat down with Satya @ Accel Partners Symposium 2013, Jeff didn’t realize he was sitting with the man charged with leading the next phase of Microsoft. Other Public Company CEOs, with slightly less twitter followers, who’ve been on theCUBE include Pat Gelsinger, Tom Georgens, Frank Slootman, & Joe Tucci.

#7 Your Excellency Deval Patrick, Governor, Massachusetts

We’re getting more Public Sector guests on theCUBE. Dave did a stand up interview with Governor Patrick @ Hack-Reduce Launch 2012. Other Public Sector guests include Micheline Casey, Federal Reserve, Fadi Chehade, ICANN, Farzad Mastashari, US Dept of Health & Human Services, & Dat Tran, Department of Veterans Affairs. Every parent should watch Rosario Martin, former Treasurer of the United States discuss how to best arm young people in today’s super connected world (Not sure if John asked her about signing all those dollar bills).

#8 Jason Silva, Actor & Filmaker

We get some fantastic guests coming off their keynotes. Jason sat down with John & Dave @ IBM Information on Demand 2012. We’re had other entertainment industry folks on, from Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville, Ryan Tudhope, from Atomic Fiction to Walter Kerner, HBO, and even Mario and Fafa the groundhog. But we’re looking for a new innovation, bringing the entertainment acts on theCUBE, like popular tech show bands, Imagine Dragons, Train, deadmau5, or Sheryl Crow.

#9 Ben Parr, Co-Founder, Dominate Fund

  • Twitter – @benparr
  • Twitter Followers – 59.7 K

John grabbed a quick stand up with Ben
@ Google I|O 2012. We’ve had a number of VCs on theCUBE, including Charles Beeler, Douglas Leone, & Peter Levine

#10 Ray Wang, Co-Founder & Principal, Constellation Research

  • Twitter – @rwang0
  • Twitter Followers – 49.6 K

Ray Wang is one of the few people that travel more then John & Dave. He’s at most of our shows, and is happy to share his POV with our audience. Ray @ IBM Pulse 2014, Ray @ Oracle Open World 2013, Ray @ Tableau Customer Conference 2013, Ray @ IBM Information on Demand 2013, & Ray @ Dell World 2012. Ray is just one of many analysts we’ve had on theCUBE because as mentioned, we like to get the smartest people we can find on theCUBE to share their knowledge and insight with our community. These include Merv Adrian, Jason Buffington, Ben Kepes, Elizabeth Hedstrom Henlin, Judith Hurwitz, & Jillian Mirandi.

#11 Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence, Accel Partners, former Chief Scientist,

  • Twitter – @Hmason
  • Twitter Followers – 45.5 K

Hilary is very sharp, but she has such an easy way with the complex, and is a fantastic communicator. Hilary visited theCUBE @ Strata 2012 while she was still with, and then later @ #BigDataNYC 2013. Hilary represents a number of theCUBE guests who have made the move from the industry side, to the venture side. Others include Jerry Chen, Adrian Cockroft, & Stephen Herrod.

#12 Joseph Nye, University Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Twitter – @Joe_Nye
  • Twitter Followers – 34.1 K

Joseph Nye is the former Dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. We’re taking theCUBE to more Academic and Social events, and Joeseph joined Dave and Charles Sennot @ MIT ECIR Workshop 2014 on Cyber Security & the Governance Gap. Joe represents a growing number of Academics visiting theCUBE, including Tom Byers, Stanford, Adam Mason, Loyola Marymount, Dorothy Ortale, Yale, Bob Plankers, U of Wisconsin, Michael Rappa, North Carolina State, & Chris Wiggins, Columbia.

#13 Beth Comstock, CMO, GE

Beth joined John and Dave on theCUBE @ GE’s Industrial Internet launch event. Beth in not only one of the leading tech executives in the world, a featured member of our Women in Tech, but also the first CMO on this list. We’ve have a number of insightful CMOs on theCUBE, discussing the unique marketing challenges of today’s fast moving, software defined, mobile, social, enterprise world. Other CMOs visiting theCUBE include Bruno Aziza, Alpine Data Labs; Jeremy Burton, EMC; Elissa Fink, Tableau; Rick Jackson, Rackspace; Jack Norris, MapR; Sanjay Sarathy, Sumo Logic; Steve Sommer, Splunk; Beth White, ServiceNow; & Rick White, Primary Data.

#14 Brad Hunstable, Founder & CEO, UStream

We’re proud to have theCUBE on UStream’s network, and Brad stopped by to review UStream’s relationship with IBM @ IBM Impact 2014.

#15 Ilya Grigorik, Developer Advocate, Google

  • Twitter – @igrigorik
  • Twitter Followers – 28.8 K

Developers’ status is rising, and companies compete to get their attention. Ilya sat down with John @ O’Reilly Velocity 2013.

#16 Sandy Carter, General Manager, IBM Ecosystems & Social Business Evangelism

Carrying the Social Media Evangelism flag at IBM is no small task, but Sandy’s been hard at it for years, and she sat down with John and Paul @ IBM Impact 2014.

#17 Nicole Sullivan, CSS and Performance Engineer, CEO Stubbornella Consulting

Nicole is not only one a leading performance engineer, but she tweets about a variety of topics as she goes from engagement to engagement, demonstrating that people follow people they’re interested in, not companies. Nicole sat down with John in theCUBE @ O’Reilly Velocity 2013.

#18 Patrick Moorhead, President & Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

Patrick is one of the leading tech analysts in the world, demonstrating that we try to get the smartest people in the room, on theCUBE, to share their knowledge and insight with our community, regardless of affiliation. Patrick joined John and Dave @ HP Moonshot 2013.

#19 Tom Doub, CEO, Centerstone Research Institute

  • Twitter – @tomdoub
  • Twitter Followers – 22.9 K

Tom is another leading analyst. Tom joined John and Dave @ IBM Information On Demand 2013.

#20 Fred Destin, Venture Capitalist, Atlas Venture

  • Twitter – @fdestin
  • Twitter Followers – 21.2 K

Fred joins the list, representing East Coast Venture Capital. Dave interviewed Fred @ hack-reduce launch event, 2012 & @ TUGG Boston 2013.

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