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Woman in Tech of the Week: Hilary Mason, Fast Forward Labs (12/16)

Woman In Tech of the Week (12/16)

Hilary Mason, Founder, Fast Forward Labs

With 2015 coming to a close we are looking back at our favorite interviews from the year. One of the most entertaining shows we brought theCUBE to was the Grace Hopper Celebration of Woman in Computing. Today as we rebroadcast the show we’d like to highlight one of the best guests from this year’s program in Houston, TX, Hilary Mason.

Machine learning is a powerful technology that allows computers to use data in new ways to provide an understanding and prediction of people or events. The benefits of machine learning are immense, but there’s a hidden dark side. People are coming to realize that companies and computers know an awful lot about them, enough to make them very nervous. Managing these concerns will be a big part of machine learning and other Big Data technologies going forward.

To shed some light on what this means to business and customers, Jeff Frick, talked with Hilary Mason, founder and CEO of Fast Forward Labs, at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2015 conference.

Congratulations Hilary, you are our Woman in Tech of the Week!

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