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Women in Tech on #theCUBE

As many of you know the purpose of theCUBE is to extract the signal from the noise. We bring out mobile studio to tech events and invite thought leaders into theCUBE to unpack the latest in the world of technology. Since we first broadcast back in 2009 one signal has been abundantly clear – our women guests have just as strong of a voice as their male co-workers and these women will continue to play a quintessential role in shaping the world of technology. They’re excited about being role models to the next generation of female leaders. At VMworld 2013 we interviewed Vanessa Alvarez, Head of Marketing, Scale Computing, who put it best, “we need to showcase what they [women] are doing . . . making sure that their successes are being showcased in the public so that we know that their are a number of women contributing to this industry.” Without further adieu – here is our list of women you should be following in the world of technology.  All of these women visited theCUBE, their signal was clear and we can’t wait to interview more women at our upcoming shows. Do you know a women in technology that we should interview in our Palo Alto studios? Tweet us your recommendations @theCUBE using the hashtag #WomenInTech.


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