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Woman in Tech of the Week: Sash Sunkara (12/10/14)

Woman in Tech of the Week (12/10)


Sash Sunkara
CEO and Co-Founder, Rackware

Sash Sunkara is chief executive officer and co-founder of RackWare. She is a seasoned technology executive with deep expertise in solutions for data centers in both enterprise and hosting environments that leverage commodity server solutions, server virtualization, and leading edge storage architectures. Prior to founding RackWare in 2009, Sunkara was vice president of marketing for QLogic’s Network Solutions Division, co-founder and chief business officer at 3Leaf Systems, vice president of program management at Brocade Communications, and developed networking switches and routers at HP. Sunkara holds a BSEE degree from California State University, Sacramento, where she graduated with honors.

In this interview, #theCUBE visited Rackware’s offices in San Jose where Jeff Frick and Sash Sunkara discussed the inportance of mentors for young women and took a look at Sunkara’s path to where she is now.

Congratulations Sash! You are theCUBE’s Woman in Tech of the Week!