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Woman In Tech Of The Week: Penny Herscher (10/22/14)

Woman in Tech of the Week (10/22)


Penny Herscher, CEO, FirstRain

FirstRain is a leader in personal business analytics solutions for the enterprise. FirstRain’s mobile, cross-platform solutions provide sales, marketing and finance professionals analytics tuned to their specific company strategy and allow them to deeply understand their customer’s business and their markets. Penny Herscher is their President and CEO. Two weeks ago at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Woman in Computing, in Phoenix, AZ, Herscher visited theCUBE to provide insight into how the event has changed over time and discuss how businesses can recruit and retain women in technology. Herscher also gives her take on comments made by Satya Nadella at the conference. Congratulations Penny! You are theCUBE’s Woman in Tech of the Week!

Also, Penny will be speaking at the DEFRAG Conference which will be held in Broomfield, CO from November 18th – 19th.

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