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Woman In Tech Of The Week: Judith Hurwitz (1/7/15)

Woman in Tech of the Week (1/7/15)


Judith Hurwitz, President & CEO, Hurwitz & Associates

Judith Hurwitz has visited theCUBE twice. In 2013 Hurwitz joined Dave Vellante and John Furrier at IBMIOD to discuss cognitive compute and the importance of having a Chief Data Officer. In 2014 Hurwitz visited theCUBE at IBM Impact in Las Vegas, NV to talk about the latest IBM acquisitions and their development of Watson analytics. In 2015 be certain to watch Judith Hurwitz and Hurwitz & Associates as they travel to various technology shows across the country. Judith, we look forward to your next visit!

Congratulations Judith Hurwitz! You are theCUBE’s Woman in Tech of the Week!

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