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Woman in Tech of the Week: Jill Stelfox (12/23/14)

Woman in Tech of the Week (12/23/14)


Jill Stelfox
Vice President and General Manager, Zebra Technologies

theCUBE traveled to the Zebra offices in San Jose to speak with the Vice President and GM, Jill Stelfox. Jill Stelfox joined Zebra location solutions as Vice-President and General Manager in November 2012, tasked with directing strategy to enhance, still further, the innovative solutions, market-leading applications, and exceptional value offered by the company.

Jill has 20 years’ experience of founding, leading and building innovative companies, and has a proven ability to develop and implement dynamic strategies and systems which lead to growth, based on the increased value delivered to customers.

Congratulations Jill! You are theCUBE Woman in Tech of the Week!

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