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Woman In Tech Of The Week: Annie Weinberger (12/3/14)

Woman in Tech of the Week (12/3)


Annie Weinberger
Vice President and General Manager, Aurasma and Optimost

As HP Autonomy’s general manager of Aurasma, Annie Weinberger extends her 15 years of marketing experience to bring a new medium known as Augmented Reality to mass market. In addition to driving the overall business strategy, Weinberger ensures Aurasma maintains its market position as a leader in innovation and mobile technologies.

Prior to leading the Aurasma team, Weinberger was the vice president of marketing for Autonomy’s marketing optimization portfolio. She was responsible for the development and execution of marketing strategy for web content management, marketing optimization and mutlichannel solutions.

Chatting with John Furrier and Dave Vellante at HP Discover in Barcelona, Spain, Annie explains the trends and explosion of use in the augmented reality market and how HP is evolving their product to stay relevant.

Congratulations Annie! You are theCUBE’s Woman in Tech of the Week!