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Veritas Vision 2017: Sept 18 – 20 (Las Vegas, NV)

Veritas Vision 2017

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Veritas Vision 2017
September 18-20, 2017
ARIA Resort & Casino
Las Vegas



“Vision is the only conference that helps you harness the power of your most valuable asset—information. As the center of a digital strategy spanning hybrid and multiple cloud environments, it’s the only way to transform your business.”

Day One Kickoff | Veritas Vision 2017
Dave and Stu kickoff Veritas Vision 2017

Day One Wrap | Veritas Vision 2017
Day One Wrap | Veritas Vision 2017

Day Two Kickoff | Veritas Vision 2017
Dave and Stu kick off day two of Veritas Vision

Day Two Wrap | Veritas Vision 2017
Dave and Stu wrap up day two of Veritas Vision 2017

Guests Appearing on theCUBE: (Stay Tuned for Updates)

Guests Interviewed

Jane Allen
Principle, PwC

Zachary Bosin
Director, InfoGo Solutions Marketing, Veritas

Jason Buffington
Principal Analyst, ESG

Carlos Carrero
Senior Principal Product Manager, Veritas

Jay Cline
Principle, PwC

Bill Coleman
CEO, Veritas

Alicia Johnson
Managing Director, Accenture Operations

Eric Kessels
CTO, Fairbanks

Rama Kolappan
Worldwide VP, Product Management & Global Alliances, Veritas

Jim Livingston

Lynn Lucas
CMO, Veritas

Dave Nettleton
Group Product Manager, Google

David Noy
VP, Product Management, Veritas

Mike Palmer
VP, Product Management, Veritas

Shahin Pirooz
CTO, Data Endure

Alex Sakaguchi

Angelo Sciascia
SVP, NetX Information Systems

Thomas M Shaffstall
Storage Network Analyst, Exelon BSC IT

Anna Simpson
Distringuished Systems Engineer, Veritas

Bob Swanson
VP, Sales, dcVAST


Jyothi Swaroop
VP of Product & Solutions Marketing, Veritas

Michelle Van Amburg
Director, Global Strategic Partnerships, Veritas

Justine Velcich
Vox Community & Advocacy Programs, Veritas

Tyler Welch
Director of Communities, Veritas

Daniel Witteveen
VP, Global Portfolio, Resiliency Services, IBM

Ian Wood
Head of Business Practices, EMEA, Veritas

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