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Year in Review: 2014 – Top Evangelist Interviews

Year in Review: 2014 – Top Evangelist Interviews

The purpose of theCUBE is to extract the signal from the noise. We bring our show to tech events and invite thought leaders into theCUBE to unpack the latest in the world of technology. Since we first broadcast back in 2009 we have invited Evangelists to join our show insothat we may provide our viewers insight into product trends and macro-trends inside the enterprise.

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Dave Welch, CTO, Chief Evangelist, House of Brick Technologies

Welch quote

Sandy Carter, GM, IBM Ecosystems & Social Business Evangelism, IBM

Carter quote2

Owen Delong, Evangelist & Director of Professional Services, Hurricane Electric

DeLong quote

James Kobielus, IBM Big Data Evangelist, IBM

Kobielus quote

Patrick McFadin, Chief Evangelist, DataStax

McFadin quote

Amy O’Connor, Big Data Evangelist, Cloudera

O'Connor quote

Scott Sanchez, Lead Cloud Evangelist, Rackspace

Sanchez quote

Sriram Subramarian, Founder, Principal Cloud Specialist

Subramanian quote

Jeremiah Talkar, Azure Technical Evanelist, Microsoft

Talkar quote

Denis Vilfort, Sr. Dir. Product Marketing, EMC Corporation

Vilfort quote

Luis Sala, Director, Technology Alliances, Alfresco

Sala quote

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