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Year in Review: 2014 – Top 10 Sports Interviews

Year in Review: 2014 – Top 10 Sports Interviews

The purpose of theCUBE is to extract the signal from the noise. We bring our show to tech events and invite thought leaders into theCUBE to unpack the latest in the world of technology. In 2014 we learned that dissecting data can help businesses no matter the scope or size of the organization. In sports they have been using data to analyze player performance for years. Now the data is on the business side for fan engagement and better business practice.

Here is a collection of ten sport-centric 2014 interviews on theCUBE.

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Bill Schlough, CIO, San Francisco Giants

kaval schlough quote


Mike North, Director of Broadcast, NFL

north quote


Adam Silver, Commissioner, NBA

silver quote


John Tortora, COO, San Jose Sharks

Tortora quote


Dave Kaval President, San Jose Earthquakes

kaval quote


Bryan Srabian, Director of Social Media, San Francisco Giants

Srabian quote


Olivia Curran, Digital Marketing Strategist, San Jose Earthquakes

Curran quote


Sarah Stone, Marketing & Advertising Manager, Texas Rangers

stone quote


Russ Stanley, Managing VP, Ticket Sales & Services, San Francisco Giants

Stanley quote


Staci Slaughter, SVP, Communications & Advisor to the CEO, San Francisco Giants

slaughter quote

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