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Google Cloud Platform 2014 Top 10

#theCUBETop10 – Google Cloud Platform Live

November 10, 2014 – theCUBE travelled to Mission Bay Convention Center in San Francisco, CA last week to attend Google Cloud Platform Live, Google’s innagural cloud event. theCUBE hosts John Furrier and Jeff Frick interviewed fourteen guests at the show to extract the signal from noise. Here are the ten most important things you need to know Google Cloud Platform that were discovered inside theCUBE at #GCPL14.

  • #theCUBETopTen
  • Late To The Cloud Market, Advantageous For Google?

  • Google is notably late to the cloud market. The question at large, do they need a late pass? Or is their name alone, coupled with endless resources, enough to convince the clouderati that they are a major player in cloud. Erica Brescia, Co-Founder & COO, BitNami, believes that Google’s late start in cloud will end up being beneficial to their cloud platform.

  • Streaming Challenges: Solutions For Heavy Data Driven Apps

  • Streaming is the new frontier according to John Furrier. Does Google’s interconnect product allow for superior streaming capabilities? Lee Chen, Head of Product, Fastly, tells Furrier how they are taking advantage of interconnect to improve their streaming capabilities.

  • Google Cloud Platform: Strategy Overview

  • Greg DeMichillie explains the beginning of Google Cloud Platform and why attracting developers and obtaining their insights is vital to a functional system.

  • The Enterprise: Google’s IT Plan

  • Winning the enterprise is no easy task. Will Google be able to become a major player inside the enterprise with containers? Brian Stevens, VP, Google Cloud Platform, tells John Furrier what it will take for Google to revolutionize IT.

  • Kubernetes, What Does It Mean?

  • Kubernetes is the Greek word for helmsman of a ship. Will Google be the ruler of the cloud?

  • Working with Google: A BitNami perspective

  • What is it like to work with Google? Erica Brescia, COO & Co-Founder, BitNami, tells theCUBE host, John Furrier, how their partnership with Google came to be and how they are helping to enhance Google Cloud Platform.

  • Container Engines, What Are They?

  • Uncertain about what a container engine is? No worries, Craig McLuckie, Product Manager, Google, explains what it means and how it fits into Google’s Cloud strategy.

  • Google Cloud Platform Live; What Is The Vibe?

  • Unable to make it out to Google Platform Live? No worries, John Furrier and Dave Tucker, Sr. Director of Platform, Workiva, breakdown the main themes of the event.

  • Storage Wars: Could Amazon Put EMC Out Of Business?

  • theCUBE host John Furrier thinks that Amazon could potentially be causing some concerns inside EMC headquarters. However, Forrester Research Analysts, Dave Bartoletti and John Rymer don’t think that EMC has anything to worry about, yet. #StorageWars

  • Forrester Research on Google

What will be Google’s next move in the cloud? Forrester Research Analysts Dave Bartloetti and John Rymer discuss the ongoings at Google Platform Live and what Google needs to do to enhance their cloud capabilities.

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