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Tableau Customer Conference 2013 (Washington D.C.)

Tableau Customer Conference 2013

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Tableau Customer Conference 2013 – Wikibon Event Page
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  • Washington D.C., September 9th – 10th, 2013

Guests Included*

Susan Baier
Mind-Blowing Audience Segmentation ResearchP

Susan Baier, Mind- Blowing Segmentation ResearchP, unveils the practices that are used to answer questions with data.


Bruce Boston
Sr. Theorist

Bruce Boston, Sr. Theorist, highlights how data visualization has helped predict business outcomes.


Christian Chabot
CEO and Co-founder, Tableau Software

Christian Chabot, CEO & Co- Founder of Tableau Software, talks about the human element of data driven decision making.


Elissa Fink
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Tableau Software

Elissa Fink, Chief Marketing Officer at Tableau Software, talks about Tableau’s ability to align their message with their customers.

Rich Ghiossi
VP Marketing at Treasure Data

Rich Ghiossi, VP of Marketing at Treasure Data, explores the on premise vs cloud debate in the big data world.


Coy Gupta
Digital Marketing Evangelist/Speaker-Leading SEM, SEO & CRO + Analytics & Data Viz to Drive ROI

Coy Gupta, Digital Marketing Evangelist, discusses the complexities of data diversity.


Mark Jackson
Business Intelligence Innovator and Tableau Zen Master

Mark Jackson, Business Intelligence Innovator & Tableau Zen Master, talks about the biggest barriers to adopting visualization.


Dan Jewett
Vice President, Product Management at Tableau Software

Dan Jewett, VP of Product Management at Tableau Software, discusses the problem of unstructured data.


Steve Keller
Staff Software Engineer at Citrix

Steve Keller, Staff Software Engineer at Citrix, uncovers what is on Tableau’s to do list in the future.


Philip Kim
Senior Manager at Amazon

Philip Kim, Senior Manager at Amazon, discusses organizational issues surrounding adoption and installment of data tools.


Bert Latamore
Editor at covering the intersection of Business & IT

Bert Latamore, Editor at, adds some color to the feel on the floor at Tableau Customer Conference 2013.


George Mathew
Owner, Deal Architect, President & COO at Alteryx

George Mathew, President & COO at Alteryx, discusses where the data role is fitting in companies today.


Sarah Nell
Tableau Practice Leader, BI Engineer and Data Sherpa to the Masses

Sarah Nell, Tableau Practice Leader, discusses the importance of keeping it simple in the data visualization field.


Sudharshan Seerapu
BI Solution Architect (Tableau,SAS,BO) at Cisco

Sudharshan Seerapu, BI Solution Architect at Cisco, talks about the areas where Tableau is most effective.


Ryan Sleeper
Manager, Data Visualization & Analysis at Evolytics

Ryan Sleeper, Manager of Data Visualization & Analysis at Evolytics, illustrates the competitive nature of the Iron Viz Competition at Tableau’s Customer Conference 2013.


Jon Schwabish
Senior Researcher and Data Visualization Expert at Urban Institute

Jon Schwabish of Urban Institute explores the difficulties of projection in the data world.


Nate Silver
Five Thirty Eight & ESPN

Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight & ESPN discusses the role of bias in the data world.


Rik Tamm – Daniels
VP, Technology at Attivio, Channels and Alliances

Rik Tamm- Daniels, VP of Technology at Attivio, explains what makes Attivio unique in the market place.


Jim Wahl
Broadband Data Visualization and Analytics

Jim Wahl meets up with Ryan Sleeper to discuss Tableau’s Iron Viz Competition.


Tom Walker
CFO at Tableau Software

Tom Walker, CFO at Tableau Software, talks about Tableau’s Investment Strategy.


Ray Wang
Constellation Research Founder

Ray Wang, Founder of Constellation Research, explains how Tableau will work into new accounts.


Simon Zhang
Business Analytics Sr. Director at LinkedIn

Simon Zhang, Sr. Director at LinkedIn, explores the impact of the democratization of data and visualization on the data world.


Tableau Customer Conference 2014 – SiliconANGLE Event Page

Tableau Customer Conference 2013 – Wikibon Event Page
Tableau Customer Conference 2013 – YouTube Playlist Page


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