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Splunk .Conf 2013 (Las Vegas, NV)


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Guests Included*

Amr Awadallah
Founder & CTO, Cloudera


Shawn Rogers
VP Research – Business Intelligence, Enterprise Management Associates


Mark Seward
Sr Dir Security & Compliance Marketing, Splunk


Steve Sommer
CMO, Splunk


Grant Williard
Founder, JouleBug


Jigesh Saheba,
CTO, VP and Chief Architect and Mobile Strategist, ADP


Clint Sharp
Director of Product Management of Big Data & Operational Intelligence, Splunk


Jesse Trucks
DSC, Peak Housing

  • Jesse_TrucksLinkedin Profile
  • Jesse’s theCUBE Interview
  • Jesse Trucks, Cyber Security Engineer of Oakridge National Laboratory, discusses his taken on the transformation of Splunk from when it started to using it as a data analytics platform.


Ant Lefebvre
Senior Systems Engineer, Middlesex Hospital


Beau Christensen
Manager, Infrastructure Operations, Ping Identity


Matt Pfiel
Co-Founder and VP of Customer Solutions, Datastax


Shawn Rogers
Chief Research Officer – Information Management Group, Dell


Rich Collier
Principal Solutions Architect, Prelert


Karl May
Co-Founder and CEO, Vello Systems

  • Karl’s theCUBE Interview
  • Karl May, Co-Founder and CEO of Vello Systems, talks about their demonstration to glean information from applications to flex the underlining system.


Gary Burghett
Deployment Architect, CQ Cloud


  • Gary’s theCUBE Interview
  • Gary Burghett, Deployment Architect of CQCloud, and Peter Chang, CTO of N3N, explain the new advanced technology for data visualization and meeting the needs of customers who are not traditional IT businesses.


Sanjay Mehta
Vice President of Product Marketing, Splunk


  • Linkedin Profile
  • Sanjay’s theCUBE Interview
  • Sanjay Mehta, Vice President of Product Marketing of Splunk, and Manish Karla, Director of Marketing, discuss the game changing features of new products, including the pivot interface, the data model and a patent-pending technology called a High Performance Analytics Store.


Bill Gaylord
Senior Vice President of Business Development, Splunk


Guido Schroeder
SVP of Products, Splunk


  • Linkedin Profile
  • Guido’s theCUBE Interview
  • John Vlachoyiannis, Director of Engineering of Splunk, and Guido Schroeder, Senior Vice President of Products of Splunk, provide their thoughts on packaging fun into the product and throughout the conference.


Marcelo Souza
Account Manager, Splunk Brazil


Nathaniel Collinsworth
Media Operations, Neustar


Dennis Callaghan
Senior Enterprise Software Analyst, 451 Research


Nitin Narkhede
General Manager, Emerging Technologies and Innovation


Stephen Sorkin
Chief Strategy Officer, Splunk


Matt van Deventer
Head of Development, Trade Me


Steve Sommer
CMO, Splunk


Aleem Cummins
Release Manager of John Lewis Partnership


Markus Zirn
VP of Product & Solutions Management, Splunk

Splunk.conf 2012 – Wikibon Event Page
Splunk.conf 2012 – YouTube Archives

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