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Silicon Valley Spotlight: Mintigo

Silicon Valley Spotlight: Mintigo

Jacob Shama
CEO, Co-Founder, Mintigo

What is Mintigo? In this CUBEconveration Jacob Shama, Co-Founder, Mintigo, talks about founding of the company and gives his take on the impact of big data in the world of marketing.

Tal Segalov
COO & Co-Founder, Mintigo

What differentiates Mintigo from the competition? Tal Segalov, COO & Co-Founder, Mintigo, explains why Mintigo was created and what market it is disrupting in Silicon Valley.

John Bara
President & CMO, Mintigo

Is Mintigo a game changer for CMOs? John Bara, President & CMO, Minitgo, believes so. In this CUBEconversation with John Furrier, Bara explains the installation process and why he was attracted to the Mintigo team.

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