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Silicon Valley Spotlight: Dell 1-5-10

Silicon Valley Spotlight: Dell 1-5-10


For the second straight year we attended Dell’s 1-5-10 event at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco. The idea of this gathering is to discuss the future of a particular topic, security took center stage at this event, and it’s impact one year from now, five years from now and ten years from now. The group in attendance included theCUBE alumni Maribel Lopez as well as Rob Enderle, Andy Rhodes and Joyce Mullen. From the airplanes to bee hives all industries we’re dicscussed. Our own John Furrier was able to catch up with some of the guests after the discussion to get their thoughts on the event.

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Rob Enderle
Owner, Enderle Group



Maribel Lopez
Strategic Advisor, Industry Analyst, Author, Lopez Research

Maribel Lopez


Joyce Mullen
VP/General Manager GLOBAL OEM and IOT Solutions, Dell



Andy Rhodes
Executive Director IoT, Dell



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