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Serverlessconf 2017 – Oct 11 (NYC)

Serverless Conf 2017

Serverless Conf 2017
October 11
New York, NY



“Serverlessconf is a community led conference focused on sharing experiences building applications using serverless architectures. Serverless architectures enable developers to express their creativity and focus on user needs instead of spending time managing infrastructure and servers.”


Guests Interviewed on theCUBE:

Ben Kehoe
Cloud Robotics Research Scientist, iRobot


Sam Kroonenburg
Co-Founder, A Cloud Guru


Aneel Lakhani
VP Marketing,


Linda Nichols
Cloud Enablement Leader, Cloudreach


Mark Nunnikhoven
VP, Cloud Research, Trend Micro


Simon Wardley
Researcher, Leading Edge Forum


John Willis
VP, DevOps and Digital Practices, SJ Technologies



For More Information: Contact theCUBE

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