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Pentaho World 2017-Oct 26- 27 (Orlando, FL)

Pentaho World 2017

theCUBE Interviews

Pentaho World  2017
October 26- 27 2017
Orlando FL


” Join the biggest gathering of Pentaho experts, users, advocates, and thought-leaders to learn the best practices, use cases and innovations to drive transformation and growth in your organization.”

Day 1 Keynote | PentahoWorld 2017

Day 2 Keynote | PentahoWorld 2017

Guests Appearing on theCUBE: (Stay Tuned for Updates)

Brendan Aldrich
Chief Data Officer, Ivy Tech


Michael Becker
Senior Chief Inspector, German Federal Police/Bundespolizei


Stefano Celati
Pentaho Solutions Consultant, BNova


Don DeLoach
Co-Chair, Midwest IoT Council


Brian Householder
President and Chief Operating Officer, Hitachi Vantara


Charles Gaddy
Business Development Manager, Global Services, Charles Gaddy


Dr. Allaa Hilal
Director, Innovation, Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc


Henry Liebrenz
Police Sergeant, German Federal Police/Bundespolizei


Derek Mathieson
GS-AIS Deputy Group Leader, CERN


Donna Prlich
Chief Pentaho Product Officer, Hitachi Vantara


Reni Waegelein
CIO | Veikhaus


Geo Thomas
Director of IT | Benefit Science


Jan Janke
GS-AIS Deputy Group Leader, CERN


Maik Hering
Product Manager, STIWA Group


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