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Professional Business Women of California – PBWCA: March 28 (Mountain View, CA)

Professional Business Women of California

Watch theCUBE’s Coverage of: Professional Business Women of California 2017

“The PBWC Conference on March 28, 2017 at Moscone Center West in San Francisco offers a full day of world-class keynote speakers, cutting-edge seminars by top thought-leaders, panels of industry experts, and networking opportunities with leading business executives. Don’t miss this opportunity to reflect, recharge, refocus and renew your commitment to achieving your ambitions and supporting others to achieve theirs.” (


Event Details:

  • Date:
        March 28, 2017
  • Location:
         Moscone West, San Francisco
         747 Howard St,
         San Francisco, CA
  • Official Event Page

Guests on theCUBE:

Sandy Carter
CEO, Silicon Blitz

Why AI and bot tech demand inclusive teams to keep data unbiased
While most of the usual arguments around increasing diversity in the technological workspace are geared toward fairness and balance, one of the lesser-known implications of diversity is in how artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots are trained by humans to do our bidding. Read the full blog post with highlights from her interview at

Greg Jones
Chief Diversity Officer, United Airlines

Could a more inclusive culture raise the corporate bottom line?
Fields like advertising may have a problem attracting female talent right out of college, but even companies who’ve hired them might be stifling them in some ways, said Greg Jones (pictured), chief diversity officer at United Airlines Inc. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Adam Smiley Poswolsky
Author, The Quarter-Life Breakthrough

Does research prove Millennials are really humble do-gooders?
As millennials enter the workplace in growing numbers, an unflattering stereotype persists in the minds of incumbents: Generation Zuckerberg are selfie-snappers that value re-tweets and Instagram fame over the greater good. Read the full blog post with highlights from her interview at

Deepti Srivastava
Product Manager, Google Cloud, Google

Gender equity at work takes nuts and bolts, not hot air, says PBWC board member
While there may be plenty for women in tech to gripe about, the Professional BusinessWomen of California Conference 2017 in San Francisco was no pity party. Organizers and speakers encouraged attendees to roll up their sleeves and be the change they wished to see in the industry. Read the full blog post with highlights from her interview at

Lisa Skeete Tatum
Founder & CEO, Landit

The business of equality: how one company helps others implement diversity goals
While the movement to support women in tech continues to grow, more needs to be done to change the attitudes of organizations in supporting women, according to Lisa Skeete Tatum (pictured), co-founder and chief executive officer at Landit Inc. Read the full blog post with highlights from her interview at

Andrea Ward
CMO, Magento Commerce

Is diversity in commerce a faster way to innovation?
Technology transformation and organizational change are a matter of diversity. One company, Magento Inc., a commerce platform that powers one-third of digital transactions (over $50 billion in gross merchandise volume) across the globe, decided to execute and deliver diversity. Read the full blog post with highlights from her interview at

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