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PagerDuty Summit 2017: September 7th (San Francisco, CA)

PagerDuty Summit 2017

PagerDuty Summit 2017

Sept 7th
San Francisco, CA

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“PagerDuty Summit ‘17 will empower attendees to transform their operations and orchestrate coordinated business response to issues of any scale. Whether you’re in development, IT operations, customer support, or an executive, gain insights on how to build your business of tomorrow with best practices and cutting edge technology that enable you to deliver amazing customer experiences.”

Guests Interviewed on theCUBE


Nicole Forsgren
CEO and Chief Scientist, DevOps Research & Assessment


Steven Gatoff
CEO, PagerDuty


Sheila Jordan
CIO, Symantec


Nick Mehta
CEO, Gainsight


Jennifer Tejada
CEO, PagerDuty



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