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OCP Summit 2017: March 8-9 (Santa Clara, CA)

Santa Clara Convention Center @ OCP Summit 2017

“The 2017 OCP US Summit will be held on 8-9 March at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara California. Summit brings together key decision makers, executives, engineers, developers, suppliers and more under one roof to help grow, drive and support the open hardware ecosystem in near and around the data center and beyond.”

Event Details:

  • Date:
        March 8-9, 2017
  • Location:
         Santa Clara Convention Center
         5001 Great American Parkway
         Santa Clara, CA 95054
  • Event Registration:
         Click Here

Guests Included:

Cole Crawford
Founder & CEO, Vapor IO

A community coming into it’s skin
Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO, shared his impressions of the show and how it’s a community coming into it’s skin. The new model drives innovation and smart companies have to collaborate with others. Watch Cole’s full interview to learn about how Vapor IO is involved in the innovation.

Kevin Deierling
VP Marketing, Mellanox

Powering connections through innovation
Kevin Deierling, VP Marketing at Mellanox, talked about how they like to connect the cloud and announcements they made to connect platforms and their Power 9 architecture. Mellanox has greater than 90% of the market share of the 25 gig nics and above and why companies are choosing them to connect. Watch Kevin’s full interview to learn about the innovative technology powering these connections.

David Floyer
Principal Research Analyst, Wikibon

Pressures up and down the stack drive innovation in open-source hardware
Technology is complex, and becoming even more so. It used to be that a company could get by with just a few smart people in their tech department. Now, creating and managing tech solutions on an enterprise scale is beyond the power of even the most talented people. As such, industry giants and smaller players alike are converging their compute, networking and storage technologies with common hardware and open standards. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Justin Hotard
VP & GM, Hyperscale & OEM Solutions, HPE

Being part of the open ecosystem to bring better solutions
Justin Hotard, VP & GM, Hyperscale & OEM Solutions, HPE, shared about the open source background of HPE and why it’s a significant aspect of their business. Being open brings a different energy and requires a partner ecosystem. Watch Justin’s full interview to learn about how HPE is participating in the open ecosystem aggressively to bring options to customers.

Gary Smerdon
President & CEO, TidalScale, Inc.

Being part of the open ecosystem to bring better solutions
Gary Smerdon, President & CEO, TidalScale, Inc., discussed about what TidalScale does with software-defined servers to bring you the server of tomorrow today. The partnerships will help bring the innovative servers to market. Watch Gary’s full interview to learn about how to mobilize software-defined servers.

Chris Wright
VP & Chief Technologist, Office of Technology, Red Hat

Expanding the four walls through an open source world
Chris Wright, VP & Chief Technologist, Office of Technology at Red Hat, shared how the developer is increasingly in charge of IT processes. Following an open source model allows users to engage in the process of transforming. Watch Chris’ full interview to learn about how Red Hat has mastered managing an open source world.

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