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Open Compute Summit 2014: (San Jose, CA)

Open Compute Summit V 2014

Open Compute Project Summit V 2014 – Wikibon Event Page
Open Compute Project Summit V 2014 – theCUBE Interviews YouTube Archives
Open Compute Project Summit V 2014 – Crowd Chat


Cole Crawford
Executive Director, Open Compute Foundation

Simon’s theCUBE Interview

Wesley Jess
VP Business Operations, Rackspace

Wesley’s theCUBE Interview

Lakshmi Mandyam
Dir. Server Systems & Ecosystems, ARM

Lakshmi’s theCUBE Interview

Robert Ober
System & Processor Architect, Corporate Strategy Officer, LSI

Robert’s theCUBE Interview

Gary Orenstein
CMO, Fusion-io

Gary’s theCUBE Interview

JR Rivers
Co-Founder & CEO, Cumulus Networks

JR’s theCUBE Interview

Thomas Sohmers
Co-Founder & CEO, REX Computing

Thomas’ theCUBE Interview

Aaron Sullivan
Director & Principal Engineer at Rackspace Hosting

Aaron’s theCUBE Interview

Sunay Tripathi
Founder & CTO, Pluribus Networks

Sunay’s theCUBE Interview

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