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Year In Review: 2014 – Most Watched theCUBE Interviews

2014 Most Watched Interviews

In 2014 theCUBE interviewed over 1,000 #techathletes. We traveled all over the United States and even made it across the pond to Europe. It is always our mission to extract the signal from the noise, no matter what event we cover. While every theCUBE interview provides insight into a particular technological avenue there are certain interviews that standout. Below are the most watched theCUBE interviews of 2014.

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Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

Pat Gelsinger quote

Mario & Fafa the Groundhog, Glove & Boots Video Blog


Frank Slootman, President & CEO, ServiceNow

slootman quote

Charles Phillips, CEO, Infor

phillips quote

Vittorio Boero, CIO, Ferrari

boero quote

Lance Crosby, CEO, SoftLayer

crosby quote

Alan Nance, VP Technology Transformation, Royal Phillips

nance quote

Mark Shuttleworth, Founder, Ubuntu

shuttleworth quote

Steve Mills, SVP & Group Executive, IBM Software & Systems

mills quote

Lonne Jaffe, CEO, Syncsort

jaffe quote

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