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Marketo: The Engagement Economy- Aug 30 2017 (SiliconANGLE Studios)

The Engagement Economy
Aug 30 2017 (SiliconAngle studio)

Exclusive Digital Event!

Marketo: The Engagement Economy
TK Kader – August 9, 2017 – OUT NOW
Matt Zilli – August 16, 2017 – OUT NOW
Bob Glotfelty – August 23, 2017 – OUT NOW
Karen Steele – August 30, 2017
SiliconANGLE Media Studios


Event Details:

Four, eight-minute conversational interviews (Charlie Rose style) with host, John Furrier that introduce the Engagement Economy through the various lens of the below experts.

8/09/2017 – Episode 1: Technologies for Success in the Engagement Economy

Abstract: Overview of how businesses need to think differently about their technology stack in the engagement economy. Look at the key technologies that companies need to win.

Spokesperson: TK, GVP Strategy and Engagement Apps (technologist’s perspective on IT best practices in the Engagement Economy) WATCH Episode 1 NOW

TK Kader, Marketo


8/16/2017 – Episode 2: Business Impact of the Engagement Economy

Abstract: Overview of digital disruption that’s causing enterprise companies to transform to meet the demands of customers today. Introduce the Engagement Economy, its impact on business, and what enterprise companies must do to win.

Spokesperson: Matt Zilli, VP Product Marketing, Marketo (business perspective on the issues facing businesses at the highest level)        WATCH Episode 2 NOW

Matt Zilli, Marketo

8/23/2017 – Episode 3: On the Frontlines – How to Win in the Engagement Economy

Abstract: Share perspective on what the engagement economy means to them, what they have done to re-orient themselves to win in the new environment, and how companies like Marketo have enabled their new approach.
Spokesperson: Bob Glotfelty, Taulia (perspective from an experienced marketer who has changed his organization to win in the new business environment) WATCH Episode 3 NOW!

Bob Glotfelty, Taulia


8/30/2017 – Episode 4: Marketing in the Engagement Economy

Abstract: Enterprises need a holistic approach across all customer-facing departments and systems to deliver authentic customer experiences. Lay out the three “As” of marketing in the engagement economy and how they enable businesses to drive deeper connections with their customers.
Spokesperson: Karen Steele, GVP Corporate Marketing (marketing perspective on what businesses need to do to drive customer engagement)


Guests Appearing on theCUBE: 

TK Kader
GVP Strategy and Engagement Apps


Matt Zilli
VP Product Marketing, Marketo

Bob Glotfelty
Head of Supplier Success at Taulia


Karen Steele
GVP Corporate Marketing at Marketo, Founder & Advisor Alloy






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