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Silicon Valley Spotlight: San Francisco Giants

Silicon Valley Spotlight: San Francisco Giants

July 31, 2014 – theCUBE traveled to At&t Park for a behind the scenes tour of the work that takes place off the field to makes the San Francisco Giants one of the most innovative sports franchises on the planet. We had the opportunity to speak with a number of Giants front office personnel and got a behind scenes tour of the new Kale Garden in centerfield! Take a listen to these interviews and let us know who else you think is being innovative in sports! How does your home team innovate? Tweet @theCUBE and we’ll make sure we stop by your stadium as we continue or quest to find the best innovation in sports!

Bill Schlough
SVP & CIO, San Francisco Giants


Staci Slaughter
SVP & Communications & Senior Advisor to the CEO, San Francisco Giants


Russ Stanley
Managing VP Ticket Sales and Services, San Francisco Giants


Bryan Srabian
Director of Social Media, San Francisco Giants


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