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IBM Interconnect 2017: March 19-23 (Las Vegas, NV)

IBM Interconnect US 2017

Watch theCUBE’s Coverage of IBM Interconnect 2017

Event Details:

  • Date:
        March 19-23, 2017
  • Location:
         Mandalay Bay Resort
         Las Vegas, NV

  • IBM Interconnect Day 1 Kickoff

  • IBM Interconnect 2017 – Day 2 Wrap Up

  • Guests on theCUBE:

    Wednesday, March 21st, 2017

    Andy Vandeveld
    Vice President, Global Alliances, Veeam Software

    Matt Kalmenson
    VP, Service & Cloud Providers, Veeam

    John Granger
    GM, Cloud Application Innovation, IBM

    Ramesh Gopinath
    VP Blockchain Solutions & Research, IBM

    Marie Wieck
    GM, IBM Blockchain, IBM

    Angel Diaz
    VP, Cloud Technology and Architecture

    Mark Godard
    Manager of Customer Success & Partnerships, SparkCognition

    • Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 @ 1:30 p.m.
    • LinkedIn

    Jim Casey
    Offering Manager, IBM

    Mike Gilfix
    VP Process Transformation, IBM

    Harley Davis
    VP, Operational Decision Management and France Lab, IBM

    Ed Walsh
    General Manager, Storage & Software Defined Infrastructure, IBM

    Justin Youngblood
    VP, Hybrid Cloud Management; IBM

    Russ Kennedy
    VP Product Strategy & Customer Success, IBM

    Farooq Akbar
    National Account Executive, IBM Cloud

    John Brennan
    COO, Green Brain Technologies

    Guests Interviewed

    Jamie Alexander
    CTO & CoFounder Sensibill

    Tanmay Bakshi
    Developer, IBM Champion

    Mohammad Farooq
    GM GTS Brokerage Services, IBM

    Scott Francis
    CEO & CoFounder, BP3

    Harriet Green
    GM IoT, Commerce & Education, IBM

    Bina Hallman
    VP Offering Management Storage & Software Defined, IBM

    Eric Herzog
    Vice President, Product Marketing & Management: IBM Storage, IBM

    Abby Kearns
    Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation

    Jason Kelley
    VP & Partner, Global Lead, GBS Solutions & Design, IBM

    Adam Kocoloski
    CTO, Watson Data Platform, IBM

    Andy Lin
    VP Strategy, Mark III Systems

    Joanne Negrón
    CTO, Green Brain Technologies

    Deon Newman
    Vice President, Marketing, Internet of Thing

    Himesh Patel
    CEO, Green Brain Technologies

    Tom Ready
    SVP, State Street Corporation

    Slava Rubin
    Founder & Chief Business Officer; Indiegogo

    Derek Schoettle
    Vice President, Watson Data Platform, IBM

    Tanya Seajay
    Founder & CEO, Orenda Software Solutions

    Meg Swanson
    VP Marketing, Bluemix, IBM

    Ali Tahir
    Director, Enterprise Architecture, City of Hope

    Don Tapscott
    CEO, The Tapscott Group

    Willie Tejada
    IBM Chief Developer Advocate, IBM

    Jamie Thomas
    GM, Systems Development & Strategy, IBM

    Calline Sanchez
    Vice President, IBM Enterprise Storage Development, IBM

    Seth Dobrin
    VP & Chief Data Officier, IBM Analytics

    Dave Lindquist
    IBM Fellow, VP of Development, Cloud DevOps & Analystics, IBM

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