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IBM Fast Track Your Data 2017: June 22 (Munich, Germany)

IBM Fast Track Your Data 2017

IBM Fast Track Your Data 2017
June 22 2017
Conference Resort Munich
Munich, Germany



For the past three years, IBMGO has presented exclusive content from leading executives, thought leaders, and practitioners. On June 22nd, live from Munich, Germany, we’re pleased to present Fast Track Your Data, featuring the data pioneers using AI, machine learning and analytics that are shaping the future.

Secure your competitive advantage
Hear from expert data practitioners and see machine learning and data science demos that will kickstart your data initiatives while helping you avoid the pitfalls from new regulations such as GDPR, set to go into effect in May of 2018.

Log in to IBMGO to hear from renowned data scientist Hilary Mason. Learn how data science is evolving and allowing business technologists to shift from developing systems that create data, to a world where they design data products that help people make better decisions.

Eight hours that may change your life
Or, at least make your data a lot more useful and beautiful. Attend in person or online.

“Fast Track Your Data”
LIVE from Munich, Germany
June 22, 2017


Guests Include:

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