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Guest of the Week: Jonathon Bryce, OpenStack Foundation (8/1)

Guest of the Week (8/1)


Jonathon Bryce Executive Director, OpenStack Foundation

Happy Birthday OpenStack! On July 29th, 2014, OpenStack celebrated four years of operation in carious cities across the country. theCUBE was able to to take in the scene at the Minna Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Simply put, OpenStack is healthy and will only continue to grow. There was a line outside the door and around the corner and limosines were bringing in OpenStackers from all over the Bay Area. Behind the scences of OpenStack is great leadership, one man who sticks out in said group is Jonathon Bryce who visite theCUBE back in January at OE Forum at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. In this theCUBE interview Jonathon talks about the state of OpenStack and discusses what it means to be a sponsor of the project. As we look forward to OpenStackSV in September take a moment to relish in the successes that OpenStack has experienced and gain a perspective from one of the visionaries of the project. Congratulations, Jonathon! You are theCUBE guest of the week.

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