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Guest of the Week (7/21/17): Terry Wise, Amazon Web Services Inc.

Guest of the Week (7/21/17)

Terry Wise, Vice President of Worldwide Alliances, Channels and Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services Inc.

Congratulations Terry! You are theCUBE’s Guest of the Week.

Remember when worries about security and uptime dampened conversations about cloud infrastructure as a service? Those concerns that were common just a couple of years ago have nearly evaporated, according to Terry Wise, vice president of worldwide alliances, channels and ecosystem at Amazon Web Services Inc. Today, customers are more interested in the neat business-differentiating tricks cloud can do, he said.

“The single biggest question I get from enterprise customers is, ‘This is great. Help me move quicker,’” Wise said in an interview at Inforum 2017 in New York. The multiple platforms and services cloud providers like AWS offer have ratcheted up the value proposition, Wise stated. Now the obvious benefits of saving a few dollars over on-premise operations seem quaint compared to the industry-vertical specializations available from AWS partners like Infor Inc.

“Cloud is not just about cheap compute and storage. It’s really about platform and innovation that comes from that platform,” Wise told Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and Rebecca Knight (@knightrm), co-hosts of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile livestreaming studio. 

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