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Guest of the Week (6/24): Deepak Malhotra, Harvard Business School

Guest of the Week (6/24)

Deepak Malhotra, Harvard Business School professor and Board of Advisors at Nutanix, Inc.

Congratulations Deepak! You are theCUBE Guest of the Week.

Be sure to follow Deepak on Twitter (@Prof_Malhotra), and check out all of our coverage from Nutanix .NEXT Conference 2016.

This week’s SiliconANGLE Guest of the Week segment should not be missed by anyone in the technology industry who is in an executive decision-making or sales role. This in-depth interview covers all the angles of negotiation and offers great advice for those in the tech industry.

Deepak Malhotra is a Harvard Business School professor and the author of a book called Negotiating the Impossible: How to Break Deadlocks and Resolve Ugly Conflicts (without Money or Muscle), in which he offers advice on conflict resolution and negotiations. He also sits on the Board of Advisors at Nutanix, Inc., and as you will find out, there is a very good reason he is in this position.

At the Nutanix .NEXT Conference 2016 at the Wynn in Las Vegas, Malhotra joined Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and Stu Miniman(@stu), cohosts on theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, to discuss his role with Nutanix and offer valuable advice about negotiating deals in the technology industry.

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