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Guest of the Week (3/24/17): Tanmay Bakshi, Developer and IBM Champion for Cloud

Guest of the Week (3/24/17)

Tanmay Bakshi, Developer, Algorithmist and IBM champion for Cloud

Congratulations Tanmay! You are theCUBE’s Guest of the Week.

During IBM Interconnect 2017 this week, “The Cognitive Story,” a project that partners IBM with the Darwin Ecosystem, LLC, held a presentation on their research.  The compelling story is about a 29-year-old woman who suffers from Rhett’s Syndrome, a rare disease that mainly affects women.

In her condition, she is an advanced quadriplegic without the ability to communicate. She still has an active mind, and this is why three men have set out to give her a voice through artificial intelligence.

The story is about a remarkable collaboration between three people. One of those people is 13-year-old Tanmay Bakshi, developer, algorithmist and IBM champion for cloud, who is contributing to the project using his unique talents.

“We are basically taking these cognitive services and allowing people who don’t have the natural ability to express themselves or communicate in any way, to be able to … communicate their decisions, communicate their emotions … through this cognitive system. That’s why it’s so interesting, because imagine if you can’t talk .. .you are quite literally trapped in your own body,” said Bakshi.

Bakshi recently joined John Furrier (@furrier) and Dave Vellante (@dvellante), co-hosts of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile live streaming studio, during IBM InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, to talk a bit about the project that he would be presenting at the event.

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Follow Tanmay on Twitter (@TajyMany), and check out all of our coverage of IBM InterConnect 2017.

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