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Guest of the Week (1/20/17): Greg Sands, Costanoa Ventures

Guest of the Week (1/20/17)

Greg Sands, Founder & Managing Partner, Costanoa Ventures

Congratulations Greg! You are theCUBE Guest of the Week.

Like many other people in Silicon Valley on Inauguration Day Friday, Greg Sands found himself wondering with no small amount of trepidation about what kind of economy we’ll see under President Trump.

And it wasn’t just because Sands, founder and managing partner of the early-stage venture capital firm Costanoa Ventures in Palo Alto, California, was an enthusiastic supporter of Hillary Clinton. Beyond being “personally disappointed,” he said in a conversation on SiliconANGLE Media’s Silicon Valley Friday Show, Trump’s victory presents new uncertainties and risks for Silicon Valley and the entrepreneurs who drive it.

Sands sees some potential opportunities, such as tax changes that could encourage repatriation of tens of billions of dollars held overseas by large tech companies, which “could lead to both broader investment in ongoing technology and potentially more M&A.” But he also sees continuing divides on issues such as immigration and trade policy, not to mention the widening gap between the 1 percent, often personified by Silicon Valley tech leaders and New York financiers, and the rest of the country. “The election highlights the fact that the economy is really fragmented,” he said.

That fragmented economy has huge implications for Silicon Valley and the entrepreneurs, especially on top of other simmering shifts in the venture capital that funds them and a technology landscape getting both disrupted and energized by the cloud and other sweeping trends. Our featured guest this week, Sands ranged over all those coming challenges with John Furrier, host of the Silicon Valley Friday Show and co-chief executive of SiliconANGLE Media.

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