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Guest of the Week (11/3/17): Tricia Wang, Sudden Compass

Guest of the Week (11/3/17)

Tricia Wang, Ethnographer and Co-Founder, Sudden Compass

Congratulations Tricia! You are theCUBE’s Guest of the Week.

Data analytics is a numbers game, right? Adding more data points solves inaccurate algorithm outputs. Actually, no. Outputs will not predict human behavior until inputs are as complex, unexpected and sometimes as contradictory as humans themselves.

“Customers are really the most unpredictable, the most unknown, and the most difficult-to-quantify thing for any business,” said Tricia Wang, ethnographer and co-founder of Sudden Compass, a New York City-based consultancy that helps companies figure out why their best efforts in quantitative data analytics fall short of expectations.

It’s crucial to marry big data with “thick data,” which is difficult to quantify but may hone in closer to consumers, according to Wang. Ye olde marketing data variables like education and income are so-so predictors of consumer behavior, Wang — a self-described “global tech ethnographer” — said in an interview during the IBM Data Science for All event in NYC She spoke with Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and John Walls (@JohnWalls21), co-hosts of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile livestreaming studio.

“The new networked customer of today has multiple identities and is better understood when in relationship to other people,” Wang said. Quantitative data science is indispensable for sca; however, thick data takes individual consumers’ temperature more precisely and offers depth. “That’s why you need to combine both to be able to make effective decisions,” she added.

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Follow Tricia (@triciawang) on Twitter, and check out more of SiliconANGLE’s and theCUBE’s coverage of the IBM Data Science for All event.

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