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Guest of the Week (11/27): Michael King, Zebra Technologies

Guest of the Week (11/27)

Michael King, Director of Sports Products, Zebra Technologies Corp

Tracking statistics in sports is nothing new, but add in sensors that provide real-time tracking and the ability to analyze the data, and you have a whole new ball game.
Michael King joined John Furrier and Jeff Frick at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA, for SportsDataSV 2015, to provide some color commentary on the National Football League’s (NFL) use of next-gen stats.

Zebra Technologies is a provider of real-time location solutions, providing the NFL with the ability to track each player, on each team, in all 31 venues while generating valuable statistics for the League, teams, coaches and players. King believes that by 2017, all balls, sticks and chains will have sensors as well.

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