Gordon Bierch's New Marketing Strategy: Design Thinking

In an attempt to revamp their brand Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. is implementing Design Thinking to their marketing strategy. A method taught at the Stanford Design School. Caitlyn Pura, Gordon Biersch's Marketing & Strategic Planning Manager, and recent Stanford graduate, is leading the transformation with a new logo and beverage to match.

Brewing Up Innovation

Wikipedia proclaims that the first beer was produced around 3,500BC somewhere in Iran. Simply put there has been a plethora of time for innovation in beer. At this point the majoirty of that innovation is occuring on the marketing side. Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. has long held the belief in a straight forward product that adheres to the German Purity Laws. So how are they looking to enhance their products?

Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. Introduces No Name Cider

Here it is, folks.