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Centrify CyberConnect 2017: November 6 (NYC, NY)

Centrify CyberConnect 2017

Centrify CyberConnect 2017
November 6


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Defending corporate assets from cyber adversaries has quickly emerged as the most urgent business requirement in boardrooms around the globe. With one wrong click, a malicious or non-malicious individual can cost your organization millions of dollars in tangible losses and millions more in lost customer confidence and brand integrity. CyberConnect 2017 is the forum for technology leaders and business executives who understand that managing risk and protecting the cyber front line go hand-in-hand. Unlike traditional events, CyberConnect 2017 integrates thought leadership, collaborative roundtable sessions, and in-depth training designed to arm executives and practitioners alike with the tools and confidence needed to defend their organizations against today’s hyper evolving adversary.


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Guests Appearing on theCUBE: (Stay Tuned for Updates)

Byron Acohido
CEO, Centrify Corporation


Parham Eftekhari
Chief Product Officer, Centrify Corporation


Tom Kemp
CEO, Centrify Corporation


Cricket Liu
Architect and Senior Fellow, Infoblox


Bill Mann
Chief Product Officer, Centrify Corporation


David McNeely
VP, Centrify Corporation


Shira Rubinoff
President, SecureMySocial


James Scott
Founder & Senior Fellow, ICIT


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