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Rick Sutton – Plus 3 Network


Rick Sutton

Rick Sutton, Co-Founder & CEO, Plus 3 Network

In 2007, Rick roughed out the Plus3 product vision and gathered the team together to launch Plus3. Prior to Plus3 he did corporate time with a major bike manufacturer; back in 1991, he co-founded GaleForce Sports Marketing, created the world’s largest cycling festival, and promoted over 100 events including national championships, World Cups, charity rides, and corporate gatherings. Back in the day, he raced motorcycles and bicycles, finished top 20 in the World’s Toughest Triathlon, and qualified for the Boston Marathon. In this #CUBEconversaton, Rick talks about the success the company has had with theCUBE’s Jeff Frick at the 2014 Philanthropy Impact Awards.

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