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BigDataSV 2015: theCUBE Production, Feb 18-20 (San Jose, CA)

BigDataSV 2015: theCUBE Production


Join theCUBE, SiliconANGLE and Wikibon at #BigDataSV 2015 for a night of lively discussion and analysis of this new and exciting phase of the Big Data market. While our NYC agenda focused on public capital markets, our Silicon Valley emphasis will be on startups, innovation and venture/private capital.

Scheduled Guests*
*Subject to Change without notice


theCUBE Hosts John Furrier & Jeff Kelly


  • John’s Linkedin Profile , @furrier
  • Jeff’s Linkedin Profile , @jeffreykelly
  • Jeff’s Linkedin Profile , @jefffrick
  • Day 1 Kick Off
  • Jeff’s “The Big Data Money Trail” Presentation
  • John’s “Big Data VC” Panel
  • Day 2 Kick Off
  • Day 2 Wrap
  • Day 3 Kick Off
  • Day 3 & Final Wrap

    SriSatish Ambati
    CEO, H2O

    SriSatish Ambati

  • SriSatish’s theCUBE Interview
  • SriSatish’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @srisatish
  • SriSatish last appeared on theCUBE at BigDataNYC 2014.

    John Cardente
    Distinguished Engineer, Corporate CTO Office, EMC


  • John’s theCUBE Interview
  • John’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @johncardente

    Michele Chambers
    President & COO, RapidMiner


  • Michele’s theCUBE Interview
  • Michele’s Linkedin Profile
  • @MCanalytics

    Mani Chhabra
    CEO, Cloudwick


  • Mani’s theCUBE Interview

    Jike Chong
    Head of Data Science, Director of Engineering, Simply Hired


  • Jike’s theCUBE Interview
  • Linkedin
  • @jikechong

    Shaun Connolly
    VP Corporate Strategy, Hortonworks


  • Shaun’s theCUBE Interview with Leo Spiegel
  • Shaun’s theCUBE Interview with Ryan Peterson
  • Shaun’s Linkedin Profile
  • @shaunconnolly

    Sam Grocott
    SVP Marketing & Product Management, EMC Emerging Technologies Division (ETC), EMC


  • Sam’s theCUBE Interview
  • Sam’s Linkedin Profile
  • @sgrocott

    John Haddad
    Senior Director, Product Marketing, Informatica

  • John’s theCUBE Interview
  • John’s Linkedin Profile
  • @JohnM_Haddad

    Greg Kleiman
    Director Business Strategy, Red Hat


  • Greg’s theCUBE Interview
  • Greg’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @gregkleiman

    Tim Kraft
    Founding Partner, Business Development, enCapsa Corporation


  • Tim’s theCUBE Interview
  • Tim’s LinkedIn Profile
  • Twitter – None
  • This will be Tim Kraft’s first time on theCUBE!

    John Kreisa
    VP Strategic Marketing, Hortonworks



    Sundeep Madra
    VP/GM Data & Mobile Product Group, Pivotal


  • Sunny’s theCUBE Interview
  • Linkedin
  • @sundeep

    Abhishek (Abhi) Mehta
    Founder & CEO, Tresata


  • Abhi’s theCUBE Interview
  • Abhi’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @ab_hi_

    Ingo Mierswa
    CEO, RapidMiner


  • Ingo’s theCUBE Interview
  • Ingo’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @ingomierswa

    Shamoun Murtza
    CTO, Financial Services, BMC Software

    Shamoun Murtza


    Ryan Peterson
    Chief Solutions Strategist, EMC


  • Ryan’s theCUBE Interview with Shaun Connolly
  • Ryan’s Linkedin Profile
  • @bigdataryan

    Chris Poulin
    Principal Partner, Patterns and Predictions



    Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy
    Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton

    Satyam Priyadarshy

  • Satyam’s theCUBE Interview
  • Satyam’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @priyadarshy
  • This will be Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy’s first time on theCUBE!

    Donna Prlich
    VP, Product and Solutions Marketing, Pentaho


  • Donna’s theCUBE Interview
  • Donna’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @DonnaPrlich

    Rob Rosen
    Sr Director Solutions Architecture, Platfora


  • Rob’s theCUBE Interview
  • Rob’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @robrosen3

    Brett Rudenstein
    Director of Project Management, WANdisco

    Brett Rudenstein

  • Brett’s theCUBE Interview
  • Linkedin
  • @b_e_rude
  • This will be Brett Rudenstein’s fifth time on theCUBE. He previously visited at BigDataNYC 2013, BigDataNYC 2014, BigDataSV 2014, and Hadoop Summit 2014.

    Bill Schmarzo
    CTO Enterprise Information Management & Analytics, EMC

  • Bill’s theCUBE Interview
  • Bill’s Linkedin Profile
  • @schmarzo

    Eric Schmidt
    Product Manager, Cloud Dataflow, Google


  • Eric’s theCUBE Interview
  • Eric’s LinkedIn Profile
  • Twitter – None

    Lawrence Schwartz
    VP of Marketing, Attunity


  • Lawrence’s theCUBE Interview
  • Lawrence’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @schwartzlaws
  • Lawrence has appeared on theCUBE 7 times; BigDataNYC 2014, HP Big Data Conference 2014, Percona Live 2014, BigDataSV 2014, HP Vertica Big Data Conference 2013, Hadoop World 2013, and Hadoop World 2012.

    Clint Sharp
    Director of Product Management, Big Data & Operational Intelligence, Splunk


  • Clint’s theCUBE Interview
  • Clint’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @clintsharp

    Beth Smith
    General Manager, Analytic Platform, IBM


  • Beth’s theCUBE Interview
  • Beth’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @BethTSmith

    David Smith
    Chief Community Officer, Revolution Analytics


  • David’s theCUBE Interview
  • David’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @revodavid

    Leo Spiegel
    SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development, Pivotal
    Managing Partner at Mission Ventures


  • Leo’s theCUBE Interview
  • Leo’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @leospiegel
  • Leo last appeared on theCUBE at GE Industrial Internet Launch 2013.

    Rick Stellwagen
    Data Lake Program Director, Think Big, A Teradata Company

    Rick Stellwagen

  • Rick’s theCUBE Interview
  • Rick’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @rickstell

    Jagane Sundar
    CTO, WANdisco

    Jagane Sundar

  • Jagane’s theCUBE Interview
  • Linkedin
  • @jagane
  • Jagane has appeared on theCUBE 7 times; BigDataNYC 2014, BigDataSV 2014 (with David Richards & with Jim Campigli), BigDataNYC 2013, Hadoop Summit 2014, Hadoop Summit 2013,

    Kiyoto Tamura
    Developer Marketing, Treasure Data


  • Kiyoto’s theCUBE Interview
  • Linkedin
  • @kiyototamura

    Rob Thomas
    Vice President, Product Development, Big Data and Analytics, IBM

    Rob Thomas

  • Rob’s theCUBE Interview
  • Rob’s Linkedin Profile
  • @robdthomas
  • Rob appeared on theCUBE at the hack-reduce Launch

    Chris Twogood
    VP of Product & Services Marketing, Teradata


  • Chris’ theCUBE Interview
  • Chris’ theCUBE Interview with John Kreisa
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter – None
  • Chris Twogood was on theCUBE at BigDataNYC 2014.

    Jim Walker
    Senior Director, Product Marketing, Hortonworks


  • Jim’s theCUBE Interview
  • Jim’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @jaymce

    Rishi Yadav
    CEO, InfoObjects


  • Rishi’s theCUBE Interview
  • Rishi’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @rishiyadav
  • Rishi has appeared on theCUBE three times; BigDataSV 2014 (solo & with Bruno Aziza) & Hadoop World 2013.

    Tendu Yogurtcu
    Big Data GM, Syncsort

    Tendu Yogurtcu

  • Tendu’s theCUBE Interview
  • Tendu’s LinkedIn Profile
  • @TenduYogurtcu
  • This will be Tendu Yogurtcu’s first time on theCUBE!
    The Big Data market is moving into an exciting new phase. The early Big Data meme was all about data storage and processing technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL. With Big Data moving into the enterprise, attention is turning to how to make Big Data initiatives more real-time and accessible to the business users to drive tangible business value.

    If there is any question about this changing focus, just follow the money trail. Venture capitalists in the valley are increasingly placing their bets on start-ups that focus on these areas, including those that innovate around data visualization, machine learning, predictive analytics and operational applications. Big Data practitioners, those that leverage these new technologies to upend existing markets and invent new business models, are also on the receiving end of more and more venture funding.

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