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Big Data Silicon Valley 2014: (Santa Clara, CA)

Big Data Silicon Valley 2014

Don’t Miss #BigDataSV 2015 – RSVP here: February 18th – 20th at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA


Highlights from BigDatSV 2014

Steven Gustafson quote

Rishi Yadav quote

Prakash Nanduri quote

Pauline Nist  quote

Pascale Vicat-Blanc quote

Michael Sandoval quote

Mark Terenzoni quote

Rishi Yadav quote (1)

Mark Hoskins quote

Lenny Blyukher quote

Lawrence Schwartz quote

Konstantin Boudnik quote

Joe Hellerstein quote

John Kreisa 2 quote


John Santaferraro quote

John Schroeder quote

John Schweitzer quote

Josh Rogers quote


Jim Hare quote

Jim Campigli quote

Bruno Aziza quote

Jagane Sundar quote

jack Norris quote

Greg Kleiman quote

Hannah Smalltree quote (1)

George Mathew quote

Eron Kelly quote

Bruno Aziza quote (1)


Colin Mahony quote

Chris Selland quote

Dani Rayan quote

Dave Richards quote

David Smith quote

Emil Eifrem quote

Brian Bulkowski quote

Brett Rudenstein quote (1)



Ankur Gupta quote

Andre M. Bosivert quote

Alan Saldich quote

Abhi Mehta quote



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