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AWS SF 2017: April 18 – April 19 (San Francisco, CA)

AWS Summit San Francisco 2017

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“Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you will learn something new at the AWS Summit. This free event is designed to educate you about the AWS platform. Develop the skills to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications.” (

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Event Details:

  • Date:
        April 19, 2017
  • Location:
         Moscone West
         747 Howard St,
         San Francisco, CA
  • Official Event Page

Guests Interviewed on theCUBE

Lowell Anderson
Product Marketing, AWS

AWS pumps out products and services to accelerate the move to the cloud
Anticipating more than 1,000 new products and services to be launched this year alone, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is innovating rapidly due to the agility and speed of the cloud. At AWS Summit – Santa Clara, being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California, the message is focused on technology and developers. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Greg Benson
Chief Scientist, SnapLogic

Machine learning can actually take the complexity out of software integration
Adding something new to the information technology stack can be a dangerous thing. It takes resources; it takes skill. Most of all, it takes time. Building data pipelines and related IT infrastructure is one of those time-eating tasks that takes skilled IT administrators and developers away from their real projects. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Brian Goldfarb
CMO, Splunk

From on-prem to AWS, Splunk details its public cloud move
As an Inc. strategic partner for almost five years, Splunk Inc. uses Amazon’s Web Services to deliver its operational intelligence platform in the cloud. While Splunk’s database was originally on-premises, the data security provider had to consider how it could gain visibility both across its on-prem assets and in the public cloud. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Prakash Janakiraman
Chief Architect, Nextdoor

Why one cloud startup lets AWS do the heavy lifting
While you may have 500+ connections on LinkedIn and a myriad of fans around the world hanging onto every 140 of your characters on Twitter, what do you know about your next-door neighbor? Do you know who to call for a reliable babysitter? What about when Fluffy or Spike bolts out of the backyard; how can you contact the people around you to tell them to be on the lookout? Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Carl Krupitzer
CEO, ThinkLogix

How AWS migration tools are targeting Internet of Things markets
In business, no one wants to bet all their money on one roll of the dice. Nevertheless, that’s what the business world has been traditionally doing — once a product was released, that was it. The only way to find out what customers thought about the product would involve months of market research to answer even simple questions. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Eric Pan
Sr Dir Marketing, Equinix

Could a hardware-cloud mash-up help ensure data privacy?
Company X wants to move to cloud, so it moves its own hardware into someone else’s data center who then connects it to Amazon Web Services while Company X continues to manage it. The method to this madness results in data sovereignty standards compliance or perhaps better connected Internet of Things devices, said Eric Pan, senior director of global alliance and partner marketing at Equinix Inc. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Kalyan Ramanathan
VP of Product Marketing, Sumo Logic

AWS cloud turns data center application model on its head, says report
With its “The State of Modern Applications in AWS Report” released last November, Amazon partner Sumo Logic Inc. took it upon itself to be the de facto census bureau for AWS’ huge user community. Its joining with Amazon has opened doors to high profile customers like Pinterest, Twitter and Airbnb, according to Kalyan Ramanathan , vice president product marketing at Sumo Logic. Just making the procurement list at those companies would be difficult alone, he said. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

K Young
Director of Strategic Initiatives, Datadog

Making sense of real time network monitoring: Measuring efficiency in the cloud
Modern computer networks are unlike anything that came before them. In the old-school days of on-premises server farms, administrators knew every server on their network, what it did and when it was having problems. In today’s world of virtual machines and massive distributed cloud-based networking, that just isn’t possible, so large online vendors like Inc. are investing in real-time efficiency monitoring of their infrastructure and applications as a means to keep everything running as it should. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

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