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AWS Summit SF 2015 (San Francisco, CA)

AWS Summit SF 2015





theCUBE Hosts John Furrier & Marc Farley

Furriermarc farley

Kick Off

John Furrier and Marc Farley introduce the day at the AWS Summit on theCUBE. They talk about the keynote address from Andy Jassy, Amazon’s value proposition, the big announcement from Amazon, implications of Amazon having many applications and the new focus on mobility. Finally, they discuss the overall execution success of Amazon as a disruptor.

Wrap Up

John Furrier, Marc Farley and David Floyer break down the day at the AWS Summit on theCUBE. They discuss the hybrid Cloud, managing services between multiple platforms, whether Amazon is putting enough pressure on competition, who the biggest competitors are and they break down the Summit’s announcements. In closing they discuss whether Amazon is winning and the outlook.

Colin Bodell
CTO, Time Inc.


Colin shares how he helped save money at Amazon and is now making huge changes with the data center and hosting setup at Time Inc. He goes into some of the steps involved getting everything moved into the Cloud on AWS and what it really means to get out of the data center business for time. Lastly, Colin details what the content creators at Time think about all the new changes.

Phil Brotherton
VP, Cloud Solutions Group, NetApp


Phil Brotherton stopped by theCUBE to share what’s happening with NetApp customers and what the NetApp story is in the Cloud with Amazon. He layed out how it’s giving people flexibility in the Cloud and what Cloud on Tap offers. Phil also gives his input on Amazon’s Cloud innitiative and challenges that customers are facing.

Guru Chahal
SVP & VP of Products, Avi Networks Inc.

guru chahal

Guru stopped by theCUBE and talked with John Furrier and Marc Farley about what Avi Networks Inc. offers customers and the two-fold impact on the network based on changes in the industry. He shares how analytics is integrated in their solution, trends, software innovations, who has already moved up the stack and bad decisions certain companies have made in the market. Guru also describes what web services means for the rest of the industry.

Scott Hedrick
Director Big Data Ecosytem, Informatica


Scott Hedrick stopped by theCUBE and talked about the explosion of hybrid Clouds and the number one concern for developers on the roadmap. He also talked about whether machine learning is a driver for Informatica’s application, moving in the Cloud fast, the theme of Informatica World this year and impressions on innovation stategies of start-ups and big business.

Nathan Pearce
Senior Technical Marketing Manager, F5


Nathan Pearce stopped by theCUBE and explained the partnership between F5 and Amazon and how the AWS Marketplace works. He talked about applications and networks, the F5 platform, the Cloud business model effect on F5, customer’s perception of Cloud, what Spin & Kill services are and the company’s security focus.

Marc Olesen
SVP & GM of Cloud Solutions, Splunk


Marc Olesen stopped by theCUBE and shared an update about Splunk, including how they have partnered with AWS. He talked about how Splunk is data driven, the importance of security in the Cloud, On-Prem vs. AWS, the start-up landscape and his favorite part about AWS.

Swaroop Sayeram
Group Product Manager, Cloud & Data Center Security, Intel Security



Noam Shendar
COO, Zadara Storage


Noam Shendar chatted with John and Marc about what Zadara Storage offers Amazon Customers and the her hourly pricing model based on usage. He explains how customers can give capacity back to reduce costs, the overall vision of the company, how Amazon is forcing a new price model and the pressure points for innovation.

Matt Wood
Chief Data Scientist, AWS


Matt Wood stopped by theCUBE and provided an update about data science at AWS. He spoke about machine learning, the AWS Developer Team and the difference between unsupervised and supervised. Matt also discussed algorithm development and what the Geo Challenge is for developers.

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