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AWS Summit NYC 2017: August 14 (New York City)

AWS Summit NYC 2017

AWS Summit NYC 2017
August 14 2017
Javits Center
New York City, NY



“The AWS Summit brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS
Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you will learn something new at the AWS Summit. This free event is designed to educate you about the AWS platform. Develop the skills to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications.”

Guests Appearing on theCUBE

Anuj Dutia
Sr. Manager Product and New Business, Verizon

Inside Verizon’s virtual networking services deal with AWS
As the industry consolidates around a few cloud solutions, competitors to these companies need to make sure they are compatible with their rivals in core competency areas. As a result, Verizon just announced a deal with Amazon Web Services Inc. to offer virtual networking services within the AWS environment for delivering connectivity to Amazon customers. Anuj Dutia, senior manager of product and new business at Verizon Communications Inc., shared his insights into the freshly inked deal. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Dustin Kirkland
Ubuntu Product & Strategy, Canonical Ltd.

Cloud-optimized Linux: Inside Ubuntu’s edge in AWS cloud computing
While the market’s cloud infrastructure solutions are beginning to consolidate, there remains a multitude of options for software development environments. Of the operating systems available, however, Ubuntu overwhelmingly leads as the operating system in Inc., according to Dustin Kirkland, head of product and strategy at Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu. In fact, about 70 percent of all instances running in Amazon right now are running open-source Ubuntu, Kirkland added. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Ryan Kroonenburg
Founder, A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru uses Lambda and API Gateway to build serverless company
Serverless computing offers the opportunity to build and run web, Internet of Things and mobile applications without virtual or physical servers at a significantly reduced overhead cost. What’s not to like about that? Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Claus Moldt

Why FICO moved to AWS cloud: speed and scalability
With the announcement that the credit analysis company Fair Isaac Corp. would become an Amazon Web Services Inc. cloud service customer, AWS furthered its goal to attract high-profile names in the financial services world. For FICO, with 100 billion credit scores sold to-date, the ability to implement new solutions faster and more widely for its customer base made a lot of sense. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Aaron Newman
Co-Founder & CEO, CloudCheckr

Cloud computing consolidation: extracting value from shifting solutions
As the cloud technology industry consolidates around a few key players in the computing space including Amazon Web Services Inc. and Microsoft Corp.’s Azure, enterprises are hard pressed to extract as much value as possible from their solution offerings. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Ben Newton
Analytics Lead, Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic wrestles big data cost and availability
Big data is testing the limits of high volume computing technology to manage it, as well as customers’ patience in finding it. The “Barclay’s Big Data Handbook” recently documented that machine data will account for 16 zettabytes by 2020, an astounding number, even for Ben Newton (pictured), principal products manager at Sumo Logic Inc., who makes it his business to put big data in the proper perspective. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

David Richards
CEO, WANdisco

For now, hyperscale data movement will keep hybrid cloud in business
While the cloud technology evolution is leading to increased consolidation, it is also creating uncertainty over which model is best suited for the enterprise. Questions over public clouds, private clouds and how to move data between different environments are being debated in information technology on a weekly basis as the big players, such as Amazon Web Services Inc. and Microsoft, continue to roll out new applications. One prominent business leader believes that the sheer scale of data files will demand a hybrid cloud solution, at least for a while. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Bill Shinn
Principal Security Solutions Architect, AWS

New DevSecOps fast-forwards security response, says AWS architect
Cloud used to be a hard sell to chief security officers. Now vendors like Amazon Web Services Inc. are bringing them around. Cloud can, in fact, strengthen data security and elevate CSOs from infrastructure to higher code and development levels, according to Bill Shinn, principal security solutions architect at AWS. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Josh Stella
CEO, Fugue

Fugue helps regulated industries by taking on hardest parts of the cloud
Building a cloud infrastructure that works is hard enough, but for government agencies or financial institutions, strict rules and regulations make for a particularly complicated governance challenge. The key is to enable developers to move quickly and not have to constantly check to make sure a regulatory issue is allowed. Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

Erica Windisch
Co-founder and CTO, IOpipe

Get ready for serverless wave to break cloud apps into pieces
Serverless computing buzz has steadily grown in the last couple of years, now eclipsing even containers, according to some tech analysts. Based on cloud computing, it takes the infrastructure abstraction and application-focus of cloud even further. But what does “serverless” really mean? Is it more than a marketing label stickered on a bunch of different cloud platforms? Are there really no servers? Read the full blog post with highlights from his interview at

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