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ACG SV Grow Awards 2016: (Mountain View, CA)

ACG SV Grow Awards 2016


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ACG SV Grow Awards 2016 Playlist



  • Date: May 5, 2016
  • Location: Santa Clara, CA
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    Jeremy Burton
    President, EMC Products & Marketing


    Jeremy Burton has stopped by theCUBE many times, including at EMC World 2015, EMC World 2014, EMC World 2012, and EMC World 2013.

    Dan Harden
    President, CEO, Co-Founder & Principal Designer, Whipsaw Inc.


  • Dan and Nicki’s theCUBE Interview
  • LinkedIn
  • @danharden3
  • This was Dan’s first time visiting theCUBE!

    Nicki Boyd
    Co-Founder and CEO, VersaMe


    This was Nicki’s first time visiting theCUBE!

    Woody Scal
    Chief Business Officer, Fitbit


    This was Woody’s first time visiting theCUBE!

    Maya Strelar-Migotti
    Executive Vice President & Interim Co-CEO, Marvell Semiconductor


    This was Maya’s first time visiting theCUBE!

    Satish Bargava
    Head of Product Marketing, Management & Strategic Business Development at Peaxy, Inc.


    This was Satish’s first time visiting theCUBE!

    George LaPlante
    CFO of Ambarella Inc.


    This was George’s first time visiting theCUBE!

    Prince Kohli
    VP & Head of R&D, Developement Unit IP/Cloud at Ericsson


    This was Prince’s first time visiting theCUBE!

    Garrett Herbert
    Managing Partner at Deloitte


    This was Garrett’s first time visiting theCUBE!

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